I never knew what to do with my short stories and so I decided to print them on tiny scrolls! Every story comes tied with a ribbon and is presented in a tiny box. I authenticate each one by signing it and stamping it with my special ink stamp. I also write you a tiny thank you card that comes in a tiny envelope. If you would like this personalised then just let me know. Here’s a list of my stories and a link to the each Etsy page if you would like to purchase.

THE WISH – Children’s story – £9

A little boy finds himself in a fairytale forest where he comes across something he wasn’t expecting… This story is around 3000 words long and is particularly suited to children, or the young at heart who still believe in magic. It was originally written for a little boy called Thomas, who is the forever owner of the story. Buy THE WISH here


Whilst I have taken great care to package my tiny stories as beautifully as possible, with ribbons and stamps and lovely boxes, what’s most important to me is what’s printed on the scroll – the story. I’m an author whose books have been published all over the world and I have put everything into each and every story I sell. Some have taken several years to write, and some are little vignettes that came to me fully formed in one go. When you buy a story scroll I want you to receive a story of the highest possible quality, because stories are ways for souls to connect and the best of them make us feel less alone.


The paper is slightly higher quality than shiny till roll paper, which I personally think is quite nice. The font is also quite small. I can read it fine but it might be you need a magnifying glass to read the stories – this just adds to the fun.

You will also notice a gap in the text every few paragraphs. This is the nature of my tiny printer, and unfortunately there’s no way around it I’m afraid. You can see a picture of the what the gaps look like in the photos.

Some stories are really small and some are a bit longer. For this reason I charge different prices. Stories under 500 words are £6, 500-1000 are £7, 1000-2000 are £8 and anything longer £9. At the moment, I can only ship to the UK.